Vident Financial

Our Approach

Vident Financial is a financial services innovator that develops transparent investment solutions (indices and funds) based on a distinct philosophy and rigorous global research. Our indices track adherence to sound principles, expressed through our principles-based investment framework. These indices combine time-tested principles, sophisticated risk-balancing methodologies, economic freedom metrics, valuation, and investor behavior with a systematic, structured, and rules-based investment process. Since Vident was founded in 2013, it has collaborated with industry-leading firms to establish three ETFs that seek to track their very own indices—the Vident International Equity Fund® (VIDI), the Vident Core U.S. Equity FundTM (VUSE) and the Vident Core U.S. Bond Strategy ETFTM (VBND).

Many investment strategies are weighted according to single-factors, such as market capitalization in the case of equities, or debt outstanding in the case of bonds. These index strategies may introduce unintended risks by overweighting certain countries, companies and/or currencies, thereby creating high exposure to potentially slower-growing, developed environments. Vident Financial’s solutions seek to balance risk across developed and emerging environments and emphasize those with favorable conditions for growth. Their selection processes apply systematic, rules-based approaches to select countries and/or companies according to their multi-layered investment strategies.

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